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Our strengths

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    Longstanding experience

    Alcomel has several decades’ experience in the creation of hygienic, dust-free, low-maintenance and wear-resistant rooms. Our long list of references in the industry, healthcare industry and large kitchens is self-explanatory.

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    In-house product development

    We pay a great deal of attention to in-house product development. We are continuously looking for new technologies, production methods, products and materials to better meet the specific needs and high expectations of our customers. Our self-developed applications give Alcomel a leading edge on the market.

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    Strong think-along ability

    Alcomel prefers to be involved in the construction process as soon as possible. We will gladly assist any architects and principals who desire it in word and deed. Also – and preferably – in the design phase. This allows our customers to take the utmost advantage of our specialised and specific knowledge, experience and skills.

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    In-house made-to-order work

    We do not have a catalogue of standard products. Every project is made to order from a to z. We design every element in accordance with your wishes, giving you an unparalleled freedom of colour, form and function. Because we manufacture everything ourselves in our workshop, we have complete control of every facet of a project – from its design via manufacturing to installation.

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    Flexible partner

    Alcomel presents itself as a flexible partner that can become involved in the construction process at any given time. Would you like us to take care of the complete finishing of a rom, from the structural work onwards? These comprehensive solutions can also include the laying of the floor, electricity, sanitary fittings, lighting,…. Or would you rather use our services only for the installation of hygienic walls or other parts of a project? That is also possible. We work both directly for the client and as a subcontractor.