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Alcomel - Cleanrooms

Numerous companies and research centres in the biochemical, high-tech, micro-electronics, pharmaceutical industries,… need cleanrooms. Seamless walls are of the utmost importance to avoid dust and germs in these ‘sensitive’ rooms.

Our self-developed hygienic walls – made of solid core panels – are the basis of every cleanroom. They can be mounted blind on a profile or existing wall. To avoid dirt-sensitive seams, Alcomel uses a cast two-component joint. As a result, all our walls form a single hermetically sealed and therefore hygienic whole. The drive system of the Alcoclean automated doors is fully integrated in the wall. All the necessary ventilation ducts, lighting,… are mounted flush with the wall.

Alcomel also has the right comprehensive solutions for other furnishing elements: ceilings, floors, sliding and revolving doors, fixed furniture,… For fixed furniture, we only use solid core panels.