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Origin and growth

Alcomel - Ontstaan en groei

Alcomel originated in the late 1970s from a concrete need felt by the hospital and healthcare industries. In the pursuit of more hygiene and wear-resistant materials, architects were looking for a low-maintenance alternative for tiled wall surfaces which were commonly used until then. To avoid fungi and bacteria, the joints required intensive and time-consuming maintenance.

In response to this need, two engineers – Luc Casteleyn and Clark Vanholsbeeck – of Philips Medical Systems went looking for an appropriate answer. Their solution: high-pressure laminate (HPL), better known as solid core panels. Using a thermohardening two-component joint, they processed the panels into a single hermetically sealed whole. A specific assembly system allowed the panels to be mounted blind on the wall.

Starting from this unique and innovative application of existing high-performance materials, Alcomel developed into the leading comprehensive specialist for the fixed and loose furnishing of hospitals and homes. Recently, Alcomel has become a part of B&R Bouwgroep.